Driveway Repair Fund

Donate to the Driveway Repair Fund

For those of you who come to events at the ashram and those who are at a distance and are just glad that we are here doing our work of anchoring Divine light, we ask for your help to restore and repair the ashram driveway.

One part of the expense involves sealing the lower portion of the driveway closest to the house to prevent further erosion or damage. The other smaller expense involves repairing the upper part of the driveway and the potholes and degrading that have developed. Since the driveway is the entrance to the ashram, we wish it to remain both functional and presentable.

Thank you for whatever your heart is guided to contribute to help us cover the estimated cost of $2,100–$3,000.

Light Omega is a 501(c) tax-exempt organization. All donations in support of our work are therefore tax-deductible.