Audio/Video System Fund

Donate to the Audio/Video Fund

For those of you who come to events at the ashram, for those who watch Light Omega webcasts online, and for those who are at a distance and are just glad that we are here doing our work of anchoring Divine light, we are asking for your help.

For more than five years, we've live-streamed Sunday Satsangs, Meditations and other events for those who do not live locally to the ashram and would like to participate. Please help us upgrade our equipment for professional quality broadcasting which will greatly improve both audio and visual quality. Specifically, those who join online will be able to see and hear the sharing more easily, and those who come in person will be able to utilize assistive listening devices. This new system will also make managing the webcasts simpler for volunteers.

Thank you for any contribution that your heart is guided to, for it will help cover the estimated costs of $15,000–$20,000.

Light Omega is the commonly used name for the Village of Light, Inc., a church/ashram incorporated in 2019. All donations in support of our work are tax deductible.